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2016-17 Chapter Newsletter

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SoRoCo FFA Chapter Proves it’s a Top Chapter in the State

This summer many exciting and fun-filled events happened to the SoRoCo FFA Chapter. The year of 2014-2015, we had a state officer from our very own chapter, Ms. Jaelyn Whaley. She was the State FFA Secretary. Her parents, Jay and Shiloh Whaley, and Dave and Dannelle Freideman received Honorary State FFA degrees. She retired from her office at this year’s state convention, when Ms. Tia Rozell was assigned her position in the state officer team. She is now part of the State FFA Executive Committee. The SoRoCo FFA Chapter has now for the second time in our school history at State Convention, had two state officers’ back to back years. When all of this excitement was going on, our very own chapter at the state convention was competing in various amounts of contests.  Our students competed and worked hard to achieve their goals. This year we were very successful in many different categories. To start us off, Ms. Nicole Williams got Silver in the Prepared Public Speaking contest, and 1st place in the state Diversified Horticulture Proficiency award area. Greta Thurston got 2nd place in the Creed speaking contest. Tia Rozell and Izabel Horn competed in the Beef Production Proficiency and Ms. Horn got 2nd place.  Shannon Ragan, who is now the SoRoCo FFA Chapter President, competed in the Diversified Livestock Production Proficiency. Shiloh Rozell competed in the Outdoor Recreation Proficiency. Ms. Laramie Parker and Warren Hayes competed in the Sheep Production Proficiency. Laramie got gold and Warren got Silver. This was all of our SoRoCo FFA Chapter SAE’s and proficiency awards and competitors. A special thing about FFA is every year you can earn a degree. Through a four to five year period you can earn four degrees. The Green hand Degree, the Chapter Degree, the State Degree, and the American Degree are the four degrees you can earn. For some of our seniors and juniors they applied for the State FFA Degree. Warren Hayes, Laramie Parker, Tia Rozell, Shiloh Rozell, and Taylore Schalnus all applied for this degree, and they received it at State Convention this year. Also we had Nate Ragan who applied for his FFA American Degree, and he will be receiving that degree this year on November 2nd at the FFA National Convention. We as a chapter this year though also did very well in a contest that is called Quiz Bowl. Our team this year that went to the state level in competition was Sky Carlson, Bailey Singer, and Harrision Ashley. They received Silver in this contest. As you can see this year was a very exciting and successful year in the chapter, but the most important award that proves SoRoCo is a top chapter in the state is the National Chapter Award. SoRoCo got third this year for being one of the top chapters in the state. This was a huge achievement for us, here at SoRoCo. This year we have 40 high school members in our chapter. We had a great year last year and this year we have very high expectations. We are determined to achieve those expectations. We as a chapter are ready to take this school year head on.  






Soroco Student Named National Finalist of Outdoor Recreation FFA Award Jay Whaley 8/21/2019 505 KB
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