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CNCC Fundamentals of Welding and Small Gas Engines

AME 151 Fundamentals of Welding, ADE 135 Small Gas Engines             

.5 credits/semester

Year long course

AME 151 Fundamentals of Welding- 3 Credits.Develops basic welding skills, principles, and practices in arc and oxy-acetylene welding.
Students will complete skills in different disciplines.

ADE 135 Small Gas Engines- 4 Credits.Teaches the theory of both the 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines to help the student effectively adjust, maintain, overhaul, and trouble-shoot these engines in a minimum amount of time


Fundamentals of Welding /Small Gas Engines Skills and Competencies Jay Whaley 8/7/2017 14 KB
Welding Skills and Rubric Jay Whaley 1/13/2017 301 KB
Fund Welding Sylibi Jay Whaley 8/14/2020 65 KB



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